Peacefood Cafe, NYC

One of my vegan go to restaurants in NYC is Peacefood Cafe. It has many options for foodies from delicious soups to sandwiches, protein packed salads to nutritious platters and desserts. One thing I pay attention to when it comes to nutrition is my cravings and how to make a balanced choice out of [...]

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MAYFest: Music, Art and Yoga Festival

I am so excited to be teaching a class at Mayfest, a Music, Art and Yoga Festival in the heart of the Hudson Valley. We are going to be exploring an exciting theme that channels the power and energy of music with our movement! The class is called Tuning the Senses and we [...]

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Distressed Jeans and Purple Lipstick

If we try to package life energy it cannot flow. While knowing yourself is opening up the closed packages and freeing the flow of life energy from inside out, getting distracted in the world, and chasing after the desires of the restless mind would be an unwise way of using this energy. So, how can we wisely [...]

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Reset Me Now!

If you have been noticing low energy in the middle of the day or even when you wake up in the morning, and perhaps having difficulty digesting your meals detoxing is something you might want to consider before march ends and the new season begins. On the northern hemisphere this month is the beginning of spring. [...]

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