Yoga, Meditation, and Music

Join Olgu for an invigorating flow class followed by a relaxing and transformative meditation at Hudson Valley's gorgeous Yoga and Pilates Studio! Tune your whole self with nature's rhythm through Yoga and music. Jesse Merandy from the Breakneck Boys will supply the music during this practice! Note: If you haven't visited this lovely Hudson Valley [...]

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Gotan, NYC for Everything Good!

Most days of the week I work in Tribeca, NYC. My first choice go to cafe is Gotan on 130 Franklin Street. This location attracted me with its spacious and cozy decoration. They have the best coffee and baristas in town I think, the staff is friendly too. I like to visit Gotan to write [...]

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Have A Restorative Moment

Sculptor by Carole A. Feuerman- Image by Olgu You might be doing stretching exercises to get more flexible and weight training to strengthen your bones and muscles. The ancient yoga practice offers various options for both flexibility and strength. Our days can be filled with activities both mental and physical which may cause [...]

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