Yoga & Contemplative Intermission in Barcelona

When: October 8-13 2019 Where: Barcelona, Spain Adventure is refreshing and yoga is transformational. Immerse yourself in this gorgeous Mediterranean city for a spiritual adventure that you will always remember! Each morning we will begin our day with an energizing and strengthening asana practice to awaken all our senses. Until the restorative and contemplative evening [...]

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Women’s Staycation “Seeker’s Journey”

This fall say “YES” to opening a new path in your life that will make you feel whole in every way! Join Olgu for a weekend of uplifting and rejuvenating movement and meditation. Where: East Hampton When: October 26-28th, 2018 Getting There: Take Jitney Bus or LIRR to Montauk. Get off at East Hampton, your [...]

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Yoga Playground: A Yoga And Meditation Retreat in The Mediterranean

  Join me and my sister Duygu Aygun this summer for an adventure that you will always remember! Prepare yourself for an opportunity to expand your possibilities and awaken your potential through yoga and meditation in Antalya, the gem of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. Visualize yourself immersed in the breathtaking landscape surrounded by wild grapevines, flowering [...]

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Yoga Can Take You to… Barcelona!

Just so you can allow yourself to be spontaneous with your adventures, I searched and found this charming, cozy, urban spot in Barcelona "Yoga Weeks" to host my next Mediterranean retreat. Adventure is refreshing! Join me in this gorgeous city for a spiritual adventure this spring! While immersing yourself in transformational yoga and meditation practice, [...]

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Living Harmoniously: A Yoga and Meditation Workshop

Embrace this fall season and get excited about receiving what is essential for you to live harmoniously! In this workshop we will explore powerful ways to find balance while in the process of transition and embrace change. When: October 1st, 2017 Where: Maya Yoga Bostanci, Istanbul Book Now

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Yoga, Meditation, and Music

Join Olgu for an invigorating flow class followed by a relaxing and transformative meditation at Hudson Valley's gorgeous Yoga and Pilates Studio! Tune your whole self with nature's rhythm through Yoga and music. Jesse Merandy from the Breakneck Boys will supply the music during this practice! Note: If you haven't visited this lovely Hudson Valley [...]

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The Journey Inside: A Meditation Workshop

Join Olgu for a practice of meditation where you will learn simple tools that makes all the difference in building a supportive and transformational experience. Get ready to set intentions and open yourself up for your potential as we welcome spring. The workshop will begin with a brief asana practice to prepare our bodies to sit [...]

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MAYFest: Music, Art and Yoga Festival

I am so excited to be teaching a class at Mayfest, a Music, Art and Yoga Festival in the heart of the Hudson Valley. We are going to be exploring an exciting theme that channels the power and energy of music with our movement! The class is called Tuning the Senses and we [...]

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