Basics of Living a Wholesome Life

Photo by Duygu Aygun Every creation goes through a cycle to sprout from nature’s consciousness. Specific conditions make our lives possible on earth and not suitable for other planets. We are constantly communicating with our environment whether consciously or unconsciously. What we choose to eat is one way that we interact with the [...]

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Yoga & Contemplative Intermission in Barcelona

When: October 8-13 2019 Where: Barcelona, Spain Adventure is refreshing and yoga is transformational. Immerse yourself in this gorgeous Mediterranean city for a spiritual adventure that you will always remember! Each morning we will begin our day with an energizing and strengthening asana practice to awaken all our senses. Until the restorative and contemplative evening [...]

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Women’s Staycation “Seeker’s Journey”

This fall say “YES” to opening a new path in your life that will make you feel whole in every way! Join Olgu for a weekend of uplifting and rejuvenating movement and meditation. Where: East Hampton When: October 26-28th, 2018 Getting There: Take Jitney Bus or LIRR to Montauk. Get off at East Hampton, your [...]

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How To Upgrade Your Life

Photo by Jesse Merandy Imagine yourself living in the dark for days. Absolute darkness without any light. Wouldn't you be looking for light with all you have? It can be depressing to be exposed to darkness that our problems cause. But, what if this darkness had a purpose?Maybe it meant to bring something  [...]

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Yoga Playground: A Yoga And Meditation Retreat in The Mediterranean

  Join me and my sister Duygu Aygun this summer for an adventure that you will always remember! Prepare yourself for an opportunity to expand your possibilities and awaken your potential through yoga and meditation in Antalya, the gem of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. Visualize yourself immersed in the breathtaking landscape surrounded by wild grapevines, flowering [...]

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Have A Restorative Moment

Sculptor by Carole A. Feuerman- Image by Olgu You might be doing stretching exercises to get more flexible and weight training to strengthen your bones and muscles. The ancient yoga practice offers various options for both flexibility and strength. Our days can be filled with activities both mental and physical which may cause [...]

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Mindfulness Meditation Practice For Beginners

Calligraphy by Thich Nhat Hanh  Why practice meditation and mindfulness? Meditation can be used for many reasons such as reducing stress, anxiety, relaxation, and to build a balanced life. There are many studies available online on the effects of mindfulness and meditation now more than ever. The common findings of these studies are [...]

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Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, and Personal Training Olgu offers mindfulness and movement practices in various settings listed below. Private Sessions: In home, office, and studio sessions are provided for those who prefer focusing on their specific needs and goals on a one-on-one setting. This way the individual creates opportunity to work on improving their practice skills through [...]