Basics of Living a Wholesome Life

Photo by Duygu Aygun Every creation goes through a cycle to sprout from nature’s consciousness. Specific conditions make our lives possible on earth and not suitable for other planets. We are constantly communicating with our environment whether consciously or unconsciously. What we choose to eat is one way that we interact with the [...]

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How To Upgrade Your Life

Photo by Jesse Merandy Imagine yourself living in the dark for days. Absolute darkness without any light. Wouldn't you be looking for light with all you have? It can be depressing to be exposed to darkness that our problems cause. But, what if this darkness had a purpose?Maybe it meant to bring something  [...]

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Five Directions For Optimal Spinal Health

Spinal health is important as it is the pathway where the central nervous system sends and receives information through. When your spine is functioning optimally your overall wellness benefits from it. A healthy spine should be structurally balanced in such a way that supports you throughout the day without aches and pains. You should be [...]

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Internal vs External

Meditation is a skill that can be learned and improved with practice. In its essence it is about looking within, extending ourselves beyond the sensory world, and through this increasing consciousness. Meditation practice can help with wide range of areas in your life such as improved focus, reduced compulsive behaviour, increased physical/mental awareness, and dealing [...]

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How Musical Theatre Changed Me

Every September I sign-up for a new idea and learn new skills. I am used to going back to school at this time of the year. The project qualifies if it lasts at least one month because that way something about me changes throughout the process of "practice and learn". It is about getting out [...]

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Have A Restorative Moment

Sculptor by Carole A. Feuerman- Image by Olgu You might be doing stretching exercises to get more flexible and weight training to strengthen your bones and muscles. The ancient yoga practice offers various options for both flexibility and strength. Our days can be filled with activities both mental and physical which may cause [...]

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Mindfulness Meditation Practice For Beginners

Calligraphy by Thich Nhat Hanh  Why practice meditation and mindfulness? Meditation can be used for many reasons such as reducing stress, anxiety, relaxation, and to build a balanced life. There are many studies available online on the effects of mindfulness and meditation now more than ever. The common findings of these studies are [...]

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Improving The Quality Of Your Life By Resting

Feeling energized and alert throughout the day depends on how you manage your energy levels, how you handle stress factors, and adopting a healthy sleep pattern. Activities we get engaged throughout the day are ways that we use our energy. Resting is a way that we cultivate and re-store energy. We need to balance activity [...]

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Rest and Re-balance

Life challenges us in many ways and asks us to find our center again. Nature is the big boss! During the full moon I always feel a natural sense of going within the center of my being, and reflect the lessons I have learned, finish projects that were inspired by meditations, contemplations, readings and nature [...]

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Distressed Jeans and Purple Lipstick

If we try to package life energy it cannot flow. While knowing yourself is opening up the closed packages and freeing the flow of life energy from inside out, getting distracted in the world, and chasing after the desires of the restless mind would be an unwise way of using this energy. So, how can we wisely [...]

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