Yoga & Contemplative Intermission in Barcelona

When: October 8-13 2019 Where: Barcelona, Spain Adventure is refreshing and yoga is transformational. Immerse yourself in this gorgeous Mediterranean city for a spiritual adventure that you will always remember! Each morning we will begin our day with an energizing and strengthening asana practice to awaken all our senses. Until the restorative and contemplative evening [...]

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Internal vs External

Meditation is a skill that can be learned and improved with practice. In its essence it is about looking within, extending ourselves beyond the sensory world, and through this increasing consciousness. Meditation practice can help with wide range of areas in your life such as improved focus, reduced compulsive behaviour, increased physical/mental awareness, and dealing [...]

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Yoga Playground: A Yoga And Meditation Retreat in The Mediterranean

  Join me and my sister Duygu Aygun this summer for an adventure that you will always remember! Prepare yourself for an opportunity to expand your possibilities and awaken your potential through yoga and meditation in Antalya, the gem of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. Visualize yourself immersed in the breathtaking landscape surrounded by wild grapevines, flowering [...]

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How Musical Theatre Changed Me

Every September I sign-up for a new idea and learn new skills. I am used to going back to school at this time of the year. The project qualifies if it lasts at least one month because that way something about me changes throughout the process of "practice and learn". It is about getting out [...]

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Improving The Quality Of Your Life By Resting

Feeling energized and alert throughout the day depends on how you manage your energy levels, how you handle stress factors, and adopting a healthy sleep pattern. Activities we get engaged throughout the day are ways that we use our energy. Resting is a way that we cultivate and re-store energy. We need to balance activity [...]

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The Marathon And Finishing The Cycle

On November 6th, 2017 I ran my first marathon in NYC, which was both a challenging, and a truly amazing experience. I am ready to share how the 26.2 miles really felt. From the moment I got up and took the NYC subway to the South Ferry, I carried a smile on my face to [...]

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Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, and Personal Training Olgu offers mindfulness and movement practices in various settings listed below. Private Sessions: In home, office, and studio sessions are provided for those who prefer focusing on their specific needs and goals on a one-on-one setting. This way the individual creates opportunity to work on improving their practice skills through [...]


Hello world!

Just as her homeland of Turkey has acted as a bridge between the people and lands of Europe and Asia for millennia, Olgu Merandy’s teaching forges connections between a multitude of movement modalities and philosophical teachings to create a practice that holistically engages the mind, body, and spirit. Her classes are spaces for exploration and [...]

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