Sweetgreen NYC

Eating fresh, vegetable based diet is the most sustainable way to feed yourself both for the planet and for your own health. We cannot separate our environment from our bodies. We need to treat both the same way; kindly, and intelligently. Thanks to the research efforts that has been done in the fields of health [...]

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Gotan, NYC for Lunch and Brunch

Most days of the week I work in Tribeca, NYC. My first choice for a good latte and lunch is Gotan on 130 Franklin Street. This location attracted me with its spacious and cozy decoration. They have the best coffee in town I think. It's one of those rare places I like to go and [...]

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Vegetarian Choices in Rome, Italy

My trip to Italy this June 2017 was terrific. The historic sites, fragrant trees and bushes all around the buildings, cobblestone streets, and the weather felt amazing! Living in New York and growing up in Istanbul I had no trouble finding vegetarian choices all my life. I imagined the Italian cuisine being similar to what [...]

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Peacefood Cafe, NYC

One of my vegan go to restaurants in NYC is Peacefood Cafe. It has many options for foodies from delicious soups to sandwiches, protein packed salads to nutritious platters and desserts. One thing I pay attention to when it comes to nutrition is my cravings and how to make a balanced choice out of [...]

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