If we try to package life energy it cannot flow. While knowing yourself is opening up the closed packages and freeing the flow of life energy from inside out, getting distracted in the world, and chasing after the desires of the restless mind would be an unwise way of using this energy. So, how can we wisely use this precious life source in today’s world. Here is how I practice this. 
I scroll down the fb newsfeed. I see some exciting encounters that a few friends shared. I think “How great!”. My approval and short celebration for them leaves its place to disturbance. This feeling had a voice and a lot to say. It said “I could have been doing this, taken this step, and I could have gotten this in my life today.” It would have been easier to say “It’s just social media distraction, everyone suffers from it today!”.  However I realized that these news hit a high note deep inside my gut and needed to be listened to. Because it was screaming at me as if I had something very important missing in my life, and I was guilty of not fulfilling it. Of course I am responsible for the things that I have in my life as well as the ones that don’t exist. Why then am I not taking the steps to realize the dreams that have been on my list for the last 3 years? The list of manifestation is upset! As I continue to witness the monolog in my mind I became aware that I was going towards the bottom of the issue that had emerged out of a habitual act -checking out the newsfeed on fb. The path that my mind kept me on for the most of my life has been so predictable and unfulfillable considering its long term effects. It was about asking more of the good stuff, getting better at doing things, etc. Just like the time when I saw that cute dress on a friend as a little girl and wanted one for myself, or the distressed jeans and the purple lip-stick I liked wearing because I saw them on a magazine and decided that they would look great on me too. After all that practice in our early ages as kids and adolescents, what we want as adults would not be so different but only graduate to getting a better job, making more money, moving from one bedroom to a 2 bedroom apt, a higher status at your area of work, etc. It is not surprising to see accomplishment as a linear chain of things listed this way. After all this attitude is supported by years of practice. As I caught myself struggling in this linear chain even for a few minutes, I decided to listen to myself, to understand and take the right choice of action. I was sorry to bother myself for such B.S. but I also needed to clear space for wisdom to come honorably and clean it all up, make things better. And the problem here is not having desires but to understand the motivations underneath them. To do this I am taking an intuitional path towards transformation.
When I look at my past I see a list of things that I have accomplished because I saw someone do it. This is the most natural thing in nature. Children learn and grow as social beings by observing their parents first and then the larger environment. By observing and imitating they find out about their talents, they discover and improve new skills, create habits. This is a way to learning how to relate to the world around us, and how to interact with it. It is a part of our developmental process. We are habitual creatures but we also are survivors. Through a survival experience we might get to explore an original idea that gets us out of our comfort zone. This experience may lead our path to a new way of seeing and living. If we are not struggling in a war or have a chronic disease we either try to build something new or we work to maintain our current status. When we see a possibility that seems achievable we find our way to make it real for ourselves. Some  are easier than others such as getting those distressed jeans and the purple lip-stick, whereas others take time and dedication like burning body fat, or writing a novel. Either way they all take some kind of effort and a first step in the right direction. With so many options in our lives today we can get distracted and end up coming back to right where were. This is exactly what happened to me. Scrolling down the newsfeed and seeing many directions I can go and things I can accomplish while I already have enough in my hand which needs my attention and precious life energy to transform and grow. Yes, I was triggered this way because I wanted to maintain my comfort zone while conversely having the desire to realize a 3 year old desire that was on my list which wasn’t going to manifest itself on its own. If somebody less fortunate than I am today looked at me he/she would have said “I want that life for myself”. Not to say that I should not have desires, and ask more out of life but to acknowledge that I already have plenty and this life of mine deserves the appreciation. How nice that the universe is reaching out to me playfully thorough fb just the way I intend to reach out to you, for you to get inspired to do something great for yourself. And this is a great place to start my meditation session. Excited and curious!
Whenever I notice my mind jumping around aimlessly I sit down, and tap into my intuitive self. It is the seeing that is beyond the layers of habitual mind. Of course I could take the easy way and fan this upsetting feeling away from my spirit by taking a new class or do some other thing that’s fun. But I choose to take a journey into the immense ocean that is within. Here I begin the dialog with the intuitive self to see clearly both the conscious and the non-conscious parts that played in creating this upsetting experience. First I sit quietly and tune into the sensory world with my eyes closed. Listen to the sounds, notice how my seat and body feels. The intuitive self moves me from the gross body of the world to a subtler layers that widens my seeing into a deeper awareness. Where things can be seen more clearly, and be looked at without the clouding perspective of judgments or narratives which we are so used to in the rational world. I witness the present moment like the way nature witnesses what is happening inside her. Only sensing what is. I feel the simplicity and the lightness of this subtle world. And I ask the first question “What do I want?”, then the second “What am I waiting for this to happen?”, third question “ How would this change my life if it happens?”, the last one “How would I feel if this does not happen?”. This line of questions takes me to beliefs and ethical rules that were somehow formed through learning experiences in the past. It is the narrative that I got stuck with. I then re-evaluate the narrative and decide if I still want to abide by it. This is the way I get un-stuck or un-captured. Living with stale old beliefs is like eating bad food, it does not nourish you, and it is harming too. I clear up space for the new un-stuck me and breath into this space, HAAAAAAAAAHHH. Lastly, I decide if I still desire this experience by visualizing myself in it. In this stage I want to make sure that I can clearly visualize myself having the experience, and if there are any blockages in doing this I will repeat the evaluation step here as well. This is similar to validating the solution of a mathematical problem at the end. Of course, this is not about seeing the exact future but it is to understand the narrative about the possible unknown and to see what I fear, what it is that holding me back from it.
After putting myself through this journey I have learned what I needed to learn, and saw what there was to see between the conscious and the non conscious. What if I were to listen to my un-fulfillable restless mind that followed logic, and chased after one accomplishment to another? Even thinking about this makes me feel tired. What a waste of energy this would be! 
Today we have so much distraction so close to us all the time. They are all stories of should, must, have to and so and so forth. This is why we need meditation and intuitive seeing in our lives. From a kinesiologic perspecive we observe that where there is mobility there is a risk of instability. The intuition shows us how to balance mobility with stability appropriately without denying the logic and the science but balancing them on the other end. In this way, intuition completes our experiences in life. Through intuition we open ourselves to boundless ocean of possibilities. By tapping into this ocean we save the mind from getting stuck or scattered and invite it to focus and make sound decisions. The more we tap into this ocean the better decision makers and manifestors we become. We realize that it is possible to manifest so much with a lot less.
Someelse’s success or way of appearing might be our inspiration. It is easy to fit into distressed jeans and put on purple lip-stick, but to me, it is more important to encounter things in life that also supports humanity’s evolutionary process and to make sure that I am not putting my life energy into a fancy package and blocking its flow. In other words the appearance can trigger us but if it does not serve us to create a better situation for what it is, it is only another distraction. It is my desire to live harmoniously and to shine light from inside out wherever I am, and whatever I do. Be intuitive, and you can shine too.