Life challenges us in many ways and asks us to find our center again. Nature is the big boss! During the full moon I always feel a natural sense of going within the center of my being, and reflect the lessons I have learned, finish projects that were inspired by meditations, contemplations, readings and nature itself. Today as the moon finishes its cycle and we observe its full figure I would like to reflect a lesson I have learned through my training for the NYC Marathon in 2016, “The better I listen to my inner realm the better choices I make”. The choices that affect how I feel, how I communicate, how I function day to day come together and build the story of a life-time. What roles I played, what have I learned, and what have I done with my life energy matters not only to me but it is reflected on everyone and everything around me. All these doings take up the majority of our human life and sometimes we miss the opportunities to rest and recover which is so essential for cultivating energy to be able to do things. One of  my 20 mile rainy day run is a great example that reflects the importance of choice making. This long run felt great from start to end. But 2 days after I ran 5 miles which felt difficult. And I realized that even if I scheduled a running day I needed to change it to rest and recover so my body could harness its natural rhythm again. I needed to let my body rest so it can have the strength for the main purpose which was The Marathon.  A well thought change in plans is important and a good decision making carries us a long way.  Missing a day of practice is better than not listening to your body. Otherwise overworking the immune system might result in the need for a longer recovery period later. Which causes you needing support from your environment and disabling you to give support that you can continue to give to your partner, friends, and family, clients, work, projects etc. That day I took the weekend off for gentle core work, and yoga practice, as well as spending great time with my wonderful partner. Changing plans was the right thing to do and I re-arranged my day beautifully which as a result I was able to get back to my practice the next day much stronger. Life is better when you feel balanced and strong enough to give the inspiration and support to those who need it. For that,  remember to take time to rest well.