If you have been noticing low energy in the middle of the day or even when you wake up in the morning, and perhaps having difficulty digesting your meals detoxing is something you might want to consider before march ends and the new season begins. On the northern hemisphere this month is the beginning of spring. Why is this so important? Because we are coming to the end of a cold season and you might want to have energy for all the outdoor activities that warm weather allows us. Having the energy and the motivation is tied to your physical and psychological wellbeing. To be outdoors, to let flourish the new ideas that you came-up with during winter days is exciting and the shining and warming sun will make it easy for you. You also can help the start-up process to get the most out of this time period. By doing a detox/cleanse in spring and fall time helps us prevent dis-eases that might caused by accumulated toxins over intense weather conditions. These toxins don’t only accumulate because of the weather but also how we deal with the physical discomfort, such as eating and drinking unhealthy or untimely, getting involved in activities without getting enough rest or not having enough mental capacity to handle tasks that require focus because of not checking in with your state of mind through a regular meditation practice. It is ok if you went through all that stress without considering how much mindless activities you participated in that caused bad stuff to accumulate in you. Today is the day you can take the time to consider your meals, activity, and resting plan for a fresh beginning until the next season transition sets in.
Transitory seasons are perfect times for a cleaning out accumulated toxicity from our mind, body, spirit. “Clearing the whole system from stale accumulation.” Doesn’t that sound great? We can use the last days of cold weather to clear out the stuff in our lives that weigh us down. Our purpose here is to reset our digestive fire which over time gets tired through the work it’s been involved every day and from season to season. We do a digestive reset by eliminating certain foods, and consuming food that aid this process. We also involve in the process of moving the stale out by choosing certain activities like yoga, meditation to help the mind to de-cloud itself and focus. in this way we make bring back our natural right to live vibrantly and joyfully. You can think of undigested food as toxic to the body like undigested emotions are toxic to our mind and spirit. So we go easy for a few days or so to help the systems that work hard to maintain a balanced state.
Here is the perspective behind why should you bother going through any sort of detox especially now. Everything in life vibrates with energy rather it is subtle or heavy. Animals, plants, rocks, the ocean, etc. they all vibrate with their own frequency.  When you want to be cheerful, and flamboyant you need to consider all kinds of consumptions in your day from food to work, and from activities to information that you are receiving. And everything is connected so there is nothing that happens in the body that does not affect another part of you because energy moves. For instance, when you sing a song that somehow awakens something in you you feel a release no matter if it is a sad song or a happy song. This is because through getting into the activity of singing you begin to move your energy to produce sounds, while your mind processes the complex thoughts and emotions that are attached to the meaning of the song that resonates with you. If you are really paying attention to how you are feeling while you are singing it becomes a very powerful transformational process. This is why many ancient traditions had singing and dancing ceremonies. These activities have been used to deal with traumas and to set intentions for a better future. A similar sense of release happens when you are holding a secret, and you feel the need to share it with someone because our thoughts also carry energy and need to be processed. Sometimes the digestive fire that is necessary to transform energy is stimulated by a certain type of food along with a specific physical exercise routine, sometimes by singing our heart out or dancing. The essential rule here is that everything must be transformed timely otherwise it upsets a part of us first and until it is moved and transformed it continues to spread and upsets the whole (body, mind, spirit) of us. I guess this is why they say health is wealth, and I agree. All of our activities for this reason are worthy of looking into. So today if you listen to your body’s signals and your mental state, you can take some steps to create a better situation for yourself. If you hear them calling for a reset let us see how. Ayurveda, an ancient practice of how to live life harmoniously, has some recommendations as to mindfully helping the body-mind to do this necessary reset.
Not every cleanse diet fits every type of person but since we now know our purpose of doing a detox/cleanse let’s first consider some essentials that will help us in this process. Just by eating at regular hours (morning, midday, early evening), a healthy breakfast to start the day, biggest meal that consists of nourishing food, an early dinner that is light is achievable for most of us when we set our intention and plan accordingly. To get more specific into food, reducing the mucus producing foods like dairy, and eggs, and completely taking out refined sugar, wheat products, coffee and alcohol for a week or two would help tremendously to the digestive reset. Kitchari is an ayurvedic stew that is easy to digest and nutritious. It is made with mung beans and basmati rice. You can easily find a recipe online for this. Consider eating fresh, daily made food. Juice cleanse is great for some people and too intense for the others. You will need to understand how you can gently take yourself through this cleanse. I prefer a combination of soup, juice and citrus fruits for at least one full day. Then I listen to how I feel the next day and either extend it or return to normal healthy diet routine slowly by lunch as this time of the day is when we can tolerate more with a strong digestive fire. I like to keep dinner time lighter than lunch time in general. Doing a gentle mindfulness practice at least 5 mins a day would reset the mind and spirit for the day. And if you are in bed by 10 pm and get a sound sleep you would be getting a fast while sleeping too. Hydration is important and avoiding cold liquids, drinking warm or room temperature liquids like naturally decaf herbal teas during the day and with meals also help digestion and hydration. Cold drinks set out the digestive fire while warm drinks aid digestion. When we think about moving and de-congesting water is our best friend. Drink enough water to stay hydrated during the day but you do not have to overdo it, as too much water may cause other problems like lowering the sodium levels in blood too much. Think about how thirsty you are and if you had any water or tea within the last hr to decide if you should be drinking any.
Movement is life, and one of the best ways to transform the token energy both for body, mind and the spirit. Our bodies get contracted from being exposed to cold season. Our skin gets dry, joints get stiff, it takes more effort to feel the heat and the ease of movement comparing to spring and summer. Through a movement practice we can help lubricate the joints so they serve us better in the day, and increase our capacity to breath and move with ease. A gentle yoga asana practice or a restorative yoga will help the body in the process of re-setting. It is better to take it easy with physical activity while you are on a detox for both to support the body’s rest and digest system and to deeply listen to the story it is telling you. We receive lots of information from our bodies when we move from one pose to another. So give yourself enough time in the morning to move with breath before you eat breakfast and set your intention for the pace of your day clearly in the beginning of your practice. Setting a clear intention becomes a golden tool that generates specific actions to accomplish what you want in your life. Reset and go!