I fell in love with Spain when I visited the first time. Before the trip my friends who have been there told me how limited the food options for vegetarians were. My experience however was much different then I was told. I got to eat at a few vegetarian restaurants and was beyond satisfied with the tastes and variety of options. One of these places was Rasoterra in Barcelona. They use mostly local and organic produce, and even have their own vegetable garden. They bake their own bread, and have delicious signature dishes and drinks. I love eggplant dishes so I ordered roasted eggplant with chickpeas from the menu, onions and cherry tomatoes drizzled with olive oil. I got to taste almost all of the appetizers on the menu on my 3 visits to this restaurant during my stay in Barcelona. After walking 10-15 miles in the city each day it was a great pleasure to sit here and taste the sangria alongside the great daily specials each time. This place is well worth visiting if you are in Barcelona!