Most days of the week I work in Tribeca, NYC. My first choice for a good latte and lunch is Gotan on 130 Franklin Street. This location attracted me with its spacious and cozy decoration. They have the best coffee in town I think. It’s one of those rare places I like to go and write without feeling rushed to leave. In addition to their amazing signature drinks like refreshing espresso spritz or mint lemonade, they know how to make tasty sauces that make all the difference in platter dishes and sandwiches. Once or twice a week I like to eat two of my favorite dishes here, eggplant and egg flatbread for dinner, or herb omelette sandwich for breakfast. The eggplant egg flatbread has lots of fresh mediterranean herbs in it and it comes with a poached egg and red-pepper sauce on top. They source their breads from a local bakery nearby, and they use the freshest ingredients always.

The well-thought out Gotan cafes (they have multiple locations in NYC and my favorite one in Tribeca) include plenty of charger stations on the community tables as well as sockets to charge your electronic devices. I like bringing my friends here for an afternoon meeting besides from coming to work on my projects on my laptop. Their choice of music and the volume feels relaxing and energizing, which is great while having a conversation with someone, or when you are writing and need to focus. It is pretty busy during lunch hours with a diverse crowd filling the industrial-chic space (as the owners themselves like to call it). Between 3:30 – 6 pm is slower and more tables available to sit.